12/21/12 is End of the World.....Nah!

Friday, December 21, 2012

As the Mayans predicted, today is the end of the world. With all the fuss about the world ending I just want to say....whatever! I am a devoted Catholic and as the scriptures taught us the day will come for the 'rapture' (the second coming of Christ). I don't believe in the Mayan's prediction. I somehow believe in the rapture. But for me as long as you live your life in a way acceptable to Christ there is nothing to fear. My time will come. Everybody's time will come. The important thing is we make the most of the time we have. Spend it with our family. Tell them or show them how much we love them. Always pray and thank God for everything. So when the time comes, you can go with a smile.

I remember my daughter last night laughing out loud when she learned that her aunts spend their night at a park, enjoying their 'final night' in case the prediction is true. I told her at least they had fun. But I was upset because they did not invite us. Oh well, what's important is we wake up today well and happy. And still looking forward in celebrating more years together.

Leslie told me that this is the official theme song for those who believe in the Mayan's prediction:

from 'The Mayans today'

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