Bentot Tapsilugan, An Antique Experience

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Last week, first Friday of the month, I went to Quiapo to attend a mass. It's a tradition among Filipino Christian. Therefore, I expect heavy traffic and difficulty in commuting. I ask my husband if he could take me home. He said yes, of course! It is not in his position to say no. He suggested that we should eat first before heading home. There's this tapsilugan along our way home that we haven't tried yet. It's Bentot Tapsilugan. Located conveniently along Rizal Avenue, you can find it easily because of the big picture of the owner in front of the establishment, advertising the food that the restaurant offer. Well, the food is fairly good. They offer only five types of silog...tapsilog, longsilog, porksilog, tocilog and chiksilog. All for only P45.00 each. They don't sell softdrinks. They offer three types of desserts...mais con yelo, gulaman and saging con yelo. Here is what we ordered:

all these for only P100.00

tapsilog, my order

(inverted) longsilog, for my hubby

saging con yelo priced at P10.00

Well, enough of the food. What really fascinates me about the place is that it looks like an antique shop. All the furniture and the ornaments of the place are old! All hand-me-downs, though I wouldn't know because I never ask. I simply took pictures of everything I see. I don't care if the other patrons are looking at us.

a very old drawers
can you see the fear in my eyes? i'm afraid of old closets with big mirrors
old statues

pictures of Philippine actresses during their younger years
these are the restaurant's furniture

an old dresser with an old radio and a picture of young Vina Morales

an old case of pop cola on the corner

ceiling decor thingy

this divider serves as the door to the ladies room...going to the c.r. is not advisable :-)

the only 'not-old' thing i saw -- shiny floor tiles
See how we spend our time at Bentot's? We took a lot of pictures and then we ate. :-)


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  2. this post is great! i visited this place just this year and its great!


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