My Christmas Wish List

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

I want to list down my Christmas wish list. These are 'achievable' items that can be done or given to me with a minimum fuss. I don’t want to be disappointed in case nobody paid attention (hahaha....calling all my friends, especially my husband).

  • Visit Policarpio Street in Mandaluyong. I've never been there. My husband never took me there. Though he visited the place a couple of times with his 'friends'. I want to take pictures of the beautiful houses full of Christmas lights and decorations.

  • A new LCD or LED television set. Ours is borrowed from my brother since our last flat tv self-destruct. 
  • A trip to Tagaytay with my family. Or Baguio. If the budget permits.
  • A festive Christmas dinner c/o my brother Bob. I only want him to cook since he is our resident chef. I can take care of the expenses. I just hope he's available by Christmas eve since it's his birthday too. 
  • My family is complete on Christmas eve. With the exclusion of two certain someones I would not dare name....Roda and Myla. ooopssss!!!
  • An Ipad tablet of some sort for Leslie. Yes, this is not for me I know. This is something I want to give to my daughter.
  • Hair Spa, Hot Oil or Cellophane Treatment for my hair. I hope I can find a great deal for this... calling Dinah.
  • This hair color. No violent reactions please.

  • New Shoes. New Bags. New set of Clothes. Need I say more?
  • Dinner with my bff's plus our families. This can be arranged, right girls?

As I look at the list, this does not look like a wish list. More like my Christmas activities. As I said, achievable, for me and by me. Well, as long as my family have a very merry Christmas this year, I don't mind doing all the work.


  1. I also want to visit Policarpio. It's always in the news every Christmas time! :)

  2. what a great list of things to accomplish

  3. Im curious tuloy! I wanna go to Policaprio St narin in Mandaluyong :)

    new follower here!


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