Saturday 9: Blue Christmas

Saturday, December 08, 2012

  1. Do you ever suffer the blues during the holidays? Every (damn) time! Maybe it's due to over excitement. But lately it's because of the scarcity in the budget area. (hehehe). Sometimes, it's because I am missing something or someone. But whenever I look at my family, complete and happy doing anything together, everything is good.
  2. More than 18 million visitors have toured Elvis' home, Graceland. Have you ever been there? Nope. I've never been out of my country. But I would love to if given the chance.
  3. Elvis dyed his naturally light brown locks black. Do you dye your hair? Yes, I love the reddish brown color of my hair. Actually I am planning on coloring my hair again this holiday with the color below.
  4. He also insisted his young girlfriend, Priscilla, dye her hair jet black. If your lover asked you to change your hair, would you? Definitely not! What I do with my hair and my whole body is my decision alone.
  5. Elvis served his country at an Army base in Friedberg, Germany. Have you ever been to Germany? Only in my dreams.
  6. Elvis famously had an affair with Ann-Margaret during the filming of Viva Las Vegas. Have you ever indulged in a dalliance with a coworker? Sort of.
  7. Thinking of his movies...Elvis was, by and large, unhappy with his film career and once said, "The only thing worse than watching a bad movie is being in one". Are you happy with the way your career is going/has gone? Yes, I am happy with my job. It doesn't get in the way of my family life. I get to enjoy my time with my friends out of work. I am compensated accordingly. I have a kind boss. Yes, I'm good.
  8. Elvis lost "the battle of the bulge" toward end of his life. Are you happy with your weight? Yes. I'm not really fat but I want to be thinner. So far I already lost 18 lbs without a drastic diet and a few exercise on my account. 
  9. As a teenager, Elvis worked as an usher at a movie theater. What was your first job? A Service Crew at Dunkin Donuts. I am a working student during that time. 


  1. Your answer to #7 made me smile. It's good that you're happy with your job.

  2. Great response about your job. That's cool. When I lived back east, I was addicted to Dunkin Donut's coffee. It would have been hard to work there.

  3. I think there have been times when my expectations for Christmas were too I and I was disappointed.

  4. Now I want some Dunkin Donuts!! Happy Saturday :D


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