Tuesday, April 30, 2013

me, first time at Smart Araneta
Finally, I was able to watch a PBA game live at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Though it is not my favorite team whose playing, which is Ginebra, me and my dates still had fun. We have three free tickets c/o Ms. Jelyn of Alaska Milk Corp. The game was between Alaska and SanMig Mixers. Obviously, we have to cheer for Alaska but I love most of the Mixers player, especially Mark Pingris. But I can't cheer for them because our seats are on the Alaska side. There were people giving out balloons that you can use to cheer your team, red for Alaska and blue for Mixers. The game started earlier than what was indicated at the tickets so a fewer crowd was there when it's time.When the players from both team enter the arena to do some warm-ups everybody got crazy. Drums are banging and people are shouting/cheering. I want to be compose as possible since I don't want the cameras catching me at my craziest when they start shooting at my side. But it's impossible. You will get carried away with the crowd. On the first half of the game I was only clapping when Alaska scores.Waving my balloon once in a while when it's a good shot. But on the second half, especially on the last quarter I was already standing and shouting and booing when it is necessary. It was a close game. We lose by two points (ha, ha, ha) but it was still a great game. Well, it's a best-of-5 game so Alaska has still pretty good chances to make it to the finals. Which I wish to be a Ginebra vs. Alaska battle so that we can ask for more free tickets and watch Ginebra in action. 

our free tickets

my date, Gie

and my other date, my husband

the pba jumbotron

my very enthusiastic husband

the Alaska Aces

the San Mig Mixers

we were just behind the commentators

Alaska drummers

those guys slingshot t-shirts to the audience every game time-out

somewhere there sits Bossing Vic, cheering for his son-in law, Mark Pingris

enjoying the game

PBA in action

the 'Gatas Republik'

completing the tradition of watching live games, eating hotdog! a dream come true!

final score

I really wish to be back here to watch more games

the 'Gatas Republik' still in high spirits after the game

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