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Friday, April 26, 2013


Dear Blogging World, I'm back! But still taking it slow. Duties are still piling up. But I missed blogging that is why I'm here again. Dear Body Weight, I am losing you and I am very happy. Yehey! Twice a week running at the park, Zumba dancing almost every night and once a month fun run really helps. Forget about dieting, I really can't do that. I love eating. At least I am compensating my 'katakawan' with serious exercises (chos!). Dear Running, I am in love with you. I never thought that I would even like you. Me, being my usual clumsy self, never thought that I would grow an athletic bone (chos ulit!) in my body. Seriously, finishing 5K races are unbelievable feat for me.My friends are urging me to push my limits by trying the 10K category but I think I am not yet ready. One more 5K race and a few more practice runs at the park and soon I am good to go. Dear Running Shoes, I love you! You are a very reliable partner in my new found passion. Dear Daughter, At last you're enrolled. I am very proud of you accomplishing your enrollment by yourself. It really makes you an adult. But don't make haste, enjoy college. I love you. Dear Husband, Nevermind! Dear Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Goodbye. You are too expensive for me. Coby Kyros see you soon. Dear Someone, Are you performing some kind of voodoo magic again? You keep on pestering my every day life. I can't stop thinking about you. I'm pretty sure I moved on and forgot about anything resembling you. So why the ugly reminiscing and (un)romantic dreams...errr nightmare? Evaporate and be gone...forever! Dear Money, I think I am losing at this 'Hide n' Seek' game you're playing. You are good and I suck! Have some pity, please.   :-(  

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