Saturday 9: Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Here goes.....

  1. Do you fantasize about flying, beyond the rainbow or anywhere else? Yes, but not to the rainbow. I want to try paragliding, though I know I don't have the courage to do so.
  2. Do you think you have seen The Wizard of Oz more than 10 times? I don't think so. I guess about five times maximum only. Though I read it a number of times to my daughter.
  3. Which Wizard of Oz character would you most like to dress as for Halloween? Dorothy, very girly like me. And like her I fantasize about being somewhere else seeking an adventure I won't forget.
  4. What will Trick or Treaters get when they come to your front door? Candies and chocolates for treaters. 
  5. Did you ever TP a neighbor's house or indulge in other acts of Halloween vandalism as a kid? Never did any Halloween vandalism on my neighbor's houses because I'm afraid my parents would never allow that. But as a kid, during Halloween, we always watch scary movies and whoever turns out to be the most scared will definitely get another dose of Halloween tricks from the others.  
  6. Who annoys you more -- people who never responds to your text/emails, or those who never look up because they're always checking their texts/emails? The latter. I can easily dismiss those people who never replies. But when I am talking to a person who never pays attention to everything I'm saying because he is too busy looking at his cellphone deserves a solid punch in the face.
  7. Who was the last person you hugged? My daughter, as she bids her goodnight last night.
  8. What two colors do you like to wear together? Black and Blue
  9. Did your alarm clock wake you up this fine Saturday morning? No, my husband did, as he knocks on our door when he came home this morning from work.


  1. I think paragliding would be cool but I think I am too chicken to try it too.

  2. Love your answer to #6 and couldn't agree with it more.

  3. I parasailed in Hawaii a few years back. It was pretty cool. Like your #6.

  4. paragliding looks like so much fun i want o try it one day

  5. Black and blue is a common answer this week. It's a good choice.

    Have a great rest of your Saturday!

  6. Paragliding sounds great! I wish I had the nerve to do things like that.

    Have a great weekend.


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