Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Thursday, September 12, 2013

This is a Wednesday post on a Thursday. It's my birthday yesterday, and I was too busy to post, but I have a lot to be thankful for. Here goes....

  1. Thanks be to God for 37 blessed years and looking forward for 37 more.
  2. Thanks to all the greetings and the birthday wishes...I am loved!
  3. To those who gave me gifts, cakes and cash gift (thanks Boss!)...thank you so much! 
  4. Thanks to the small feast we share at the office and at home.
  5. Looking forward for a get together with my sisterettes on Saturday...extended birthday celebration. 
  6. To the Manong Driver who's been so kind to me during the times na mahirap sumakay ng jeep, you gave me an early birthday gift...Thank you and Mabuhay ka Manong
  7. Birthday kisses from my babies...Leslie, Mirko and Aily. 
  8. Facial gift to myself!
  9. To my husband for always being there, I love you and thank you.   
  10. To my family, superfriends, friends and officemates and to all other people...Thank you for making my birthday extra special and making my life more colorful and fun...I love you all! Mwuah....   

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