So Many Things To Do.....

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

So many things to do, so little time (and money). This is my usual dilemma. Since my birthday last week (I am 37 now by the way) I felt very left out. Left out in life, that is. My greatest frustration is that I didn't get my degree in college. At my age, and my work term of 12 years in trading business, I feel that I am underpaid and unappreciated. And the biggest factor, for me, in leaving my current employer to find a greener pasture is my educational attainment. I took all my subjects in college but never graduated. I never had the chance to apply for graduation. Things became complicated by that time. Don't ask. In short....I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL AGAIN AND EARN MY DEGREE!!! I am considering applying at an Open University program but I'm a little bit hesitant. It's the age thing. Baka mapurol na utak ko, nakakahiya! But if not now, when?

Another thing, an "old friend" commented if I became a millionaire since I travel frequently these days. I don't know what century (or planet) he is from. Duh! If I am a millionaire I won't work anymore just to earn sufficiently for a BUDGET travel once or twice or thrice a year. I haven't been out of the country yet. Well, I unfriended this  person from my facebook account already. I never explained myself, I don't owe him that. I travel on my own expense at my own time. If not now, when?

Lastly, I want our house renovated by next year. Whether my husband like it or not! It's high time we build the second floor. My daughter is already crying for an elbow room around the house. So dear husband, do something! No buts, no ifs.  

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