What Can I Do To Make My Week Fun and Fab?

Monday, March 03, 2014

It's Monday and I am on my 'Garfield-mood' again. I woke up fine with a sweet kiss from my husband before he left for work. I"m up and about to start my busy week and gone to wake up my daughter. Then suddenly we are having an argument. I misunderstood her instruction as to what time I should wake her up. She missed an 'important' class/group meeting. Well, it's her fault. I ask her what time I should wake her up she replied "7am!". And then she's telling me that what she meant was she needs to be at school at 7am!  Duh! That's two very different thing. Well, I left her to herself since her actual class is at 12 noon. She have plenty of time to throw a fit but I am not gonna be there witnessing it. I'm going to be late for work. 

My typical commute going to work is a tricycle ride from our house then a jeepney ride to the office. And the tricycle driver choose this day to get into my nerves. He was insisting that I should ride at the rear side of his motorcycle to accommodate another passenger who specifically told him that she won't ride at the back and would rather choose another tricycle and pay more just to ride comfortably inside a tricycle. Excuse me Mr. Driver! I am your first passenger and there is another woman beside me nearer to your vehicle's entrance but you keep insisting that I should be the one moving. I don't want to make a scene so I just told him NO. And then another passenger came, a guy, and sit at the back and so we're off. But the driver keeps on mumbling, telling things I don't fully understand. But he is referring to my not doing the favor he is asking me. I tried to ignore it but he keeps on talking. I then told him to shut up or I will step off from his tricycle without paying. He shut up, finally. 

I told my self to breathe and count to ten. It's too early to ruin my day...or my week. And I am the type of a person who find ways to smile and still enjoy my day albeit a ruined morning. As I ride the jeepney I took my earphones out and attached it to my cellphone. I randomly played a song and guess what's first on my playlist...Pharell William's Happy! Music really makes my day. All my bad mood dissipates. Suddenly I am ready for the day and even for a busy week. And now, I am taking a break, writing on my blog and eating my comfort food...tacos! So bring it on, I'll still enjoy a fun and fab week with my music and my food.   

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