How I Survive A Day Without A Cellphone

Saturday, March 29, 2014

I woke up yesterday morning finding my cellphone's battery almost drain. I tried to charge it before going to work but to no avail. I even tried to charge it at work (using 3 different chargers from my office mates) but it won't charge. After a few minutes my cellphone shut down. I am left aghast! I am never without a cellphone. It's not only for texting and calling. I read e-books with my phone. I played music and games with it. It's my camera, alarm clock, calendar, timer, etc. So how did I survive yesterday without a cellphone? I DIDN'T!!!!

I frequently touch/hold my cellphone as if I could miraculously revive it by touching. I have loads of time for my work but I can't concentrate. I am worried how would my friends and clients reach me if my phone is not working. Two of my clients already called my boss asking what happen. My day become longer than usual. I am halfway of what I am reading on my e-books app. I am worried about my farm at Hay Day and Fairy Farm. I can't post on Instagram. I feel so down most of the time. Like a big part of me was missing. Sigh...

Today I borrowed Leslie's extra phone. It's for texting and calling purposes only. I would bring my cellphone today to its mobile service center and I hope it still can be repaired. I don't want to replace it yet. This is my favorite cellphone so far. It's a cheap phone but it's pretty functional and convenient for me. I can buy more expensive and more functional phone but I am satisfied with my phone. But not since yesterday. I just really hope it can be repaired. 

So today, I am surviving without my phone. And maybe tomorrow and next day. And the next day. And the next. Sigh....

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