Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

I had a wonderful, travel-filled, fitness active and very busy 2013. I am thankful for a lot of things. And for my 2014 first Wednesday Happy Thoughts, here goes...

  1. After all the holiday foods...I am back to Zumba!
  2. It was day 8 of my After Six Diet far, so good. 
  3. My pre-Christmas Aklan escapade...super fun! I miss Boracay already.
  4. All the gifts and greetings last Christmas. 
  5. Actually feeling good to be back at work and seeing my Boss after the long vacation. 
  6. My sweet husband...for always being there.
  7. Reuniting with 'old' school friends.  
  8. Subbing for my brother as the official cook last New Year's eve. And all the dishes are a success! I had a thumbs up from Chef Bob, especially for my Buffalo Chicken dish.
  9. Experience zero fireworks/firecracker on our baranggay last New Year's celebration. All party, no paputok New Year! Yehey!      
  10. Loving the cold weather.     

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