Numbers That Matter in 2014

Friday, January 03, 2014

These are not New Year's resolutions (though my daughter keeps insisting these are). These are guide. My guide. I remember numbers more than phrases or sentences. Here goes...

  • 50 a Day. I will save at least P50.00/day from my daily allowance for my personal fund.Come later this year, this will accumulate a lot. Enough for a Christmas gift for myself!
  • After 6. This diet plan works for me a few years back. I just hope I find the discipline I had before. 
  • 25 in 2014. I joined last year's Goodreads Reading Challenge and finished reading 20 books. I planned to read more this year (at least 5 books more). 
  • 7x a Week. During our ( my husband and I) darkest time, I rely on praying the rosary everyday. On keeping my faith and giving me strength to go through. It helps a lot. Lately, I've been neglecting the rosary. And I've been absent from attending masses quite a lot. I have so much to make up to.
  • 10 Glasses.  Yes, this is about my daily water intake. Actually, I don't have a problem reminding myself to drink enough water. I just want to tell myself to drink more. My body needs it.
  • 1 is Enough. Now, this is tough. I plan to limit my self-indulgence to once a month. Meaning, if I travel this month, I will not spend a penny on any activities or items (like bags, shoes, etc.) If I bought something for myself, no traveling or fitness activity (that requires payment) for me within the month. I know I owe myself some indulgence but sometimes it cost too much. And it suffers other priorities. 
  • 15 Minutes Grace Period. This is work related and I am frequently late. My boss already called my attention last month. And I know that I have to change something in my everyday routine. I can do this! (Crossing my fingers).
  • Top 2. This is my primary goal this year. To fix the second floor of our house. That is why I had to limit spending on travels and other activities so I can save for the repair of our house. I also need to do good at work to earn more commission for additional funds. And I need all the help the universe can spare me.  
  • 24/7. I am alive and well and that is something to be grateful for. 24/7 means everyday, every hour. I will remind myself to be thankful for all the blessings God has been giving me and my family. I will be grateful for every trials that makes me strong and teaches me to be a better person. I will never forget my family and my friends and even those random people that inspire me. I felt their love and support and I'll make sure to return their kindness.

Yeah, I guess these are New Year's resolutions. But these are things I intend to complete. May the universe help me! 

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  1. Nicest post ever! But good luck on 1 is enough. Sana kasi sinabihan mo ang iyong travel organizer aka ME. And sana matupad na yung Top 2!!!


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