It's Cold!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I am a summer girl. I mentioned it here a couple of times. That is why I feel a little off with the weather these days. It's too cold! I can make do with a light breeze or a mild draft. But what we are experiencing here in the Philippines (being a tropical country and all) is not light nor mild. Last Sunday was the coldest (8.1 degrees Celsius) in Baguio recorder this year. Here in Metro Manila, we experience a 17.5 degrees Celsius temperature last Saturday. Brrrrr.....

My problem with this weather are....
  • My normal shower time is 45 minutes or up. That is twice a day. Now, I struggle every morning just to survive staying under the shower for 5 minutes. One time I switch to using 'tabo' (dipper) because I find it difficult to breath under the cold shower. But I assure you I still take a bath everyday, a shorter one but still everyday.
  • I never like wearing jackets and long pants. But these past few nights I've been sleeping with my jacket and jogging pants on. Yes, jacket and jogging pants. Pajamas won't do. It's still too cold. And a pair of socks also for my freezing feet.
  • We seldom turn on the fans. Well, we can save on electricity but the mosquitoes keep pestering our everyday activity. 
  • I am suffering form dry skin during cold season. My lips cracked. And it's painful.
  • Malls do not appeal to me anymore. If they would turn off their air conditoning unit I guess I would stay longer.
  • We are doing our first climb on February 2 and I don't know if I can take the cold going up the mountain or even when we reach the summit. I don't even own a good pair of jacket. Oh God help me.

Baguio last Sunday

I know I am being maarte because other parts of the world are experiencing worse. People are dying in America because of the cold weather brought upon by the 'Polar Vortex'.

I guess I just have to make do. Keep my jackets handy and drink more hot beverages. Brrrrrr.....

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