They Are Spoiling Me

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Yes, indeed. I feel that my family is spoiling me. As we celebrate Father's Day on Saturday (since he will be working on a Sunday) my husband bought me my long time request of a sleeping mask. I am an avid fan of darkness especially when I am sleeping. A flick of light can ruin my good night sleep. That is why I hate my husband's work schedule. And this sleeping mask is a great help. 

And with all the rage about the new Mc Spicy Chicken Burger, my sister brought home one for me. She works at Mc Donald's and I perpetually tease her of bringing home a Mc Spicy as pasalubong. And last Sunday she did.... especially for me. And it was so good. The spiciness is just right, the fillet is filling and the sauce is just right. 

I know these are small things but it meant a lot to me. I feel loved! 

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