wednesday happy thoughts dilemma

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

since i started my blog, i've been joing a meme hosted by mich which is the 'wednesday happy thoughts'. this is a terrific way to express how we find happiness in the smallest of things. this is also a reminder of how truly blessed we all are in different ways. in the case of a very depressing situation, one can always look back to his/her blog post and be reminded of how good life is.

that's my dilemma. see, i have to post ten (10) things that means happiness to me for the past week. i tried to make a list this morning, but after my lunch break i notice that i cannot fill up my list. i can write one or two things and then i can't think of no other things to add. am i that dismal?

well, the answer is a resounding YES!!! i cannot divulge on the details, i might infect you with my dreary feelings. but i guess for now, i will make a pass on posting an entry for this meme this week. but with high hopes, i might find ten things by next week.


  1. Hi there! I'm a new follower from the Wednesday Blog Hop! I'd love a follow back at and Pinterest! I follow back all of my Pinterest followers :)

  2. thanks for following...and i just followed you also...looking forward to your updates! :-)

  3. Let me help you:
    1. Leslie 2. Aily 3. Mirko 4. Zumba 5. Your work 6. Your salary 7. Your freedom 8. Your courage 9. Your parents and siblings 10. Your beautiful friends!

  4. dinah, items # 4 (no zumba yesterday), #6 (salary???) and #7 (who is free?) are not valid, and item #10 is under evaluation (hahaha)...thanks anyways!


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