Saturday 9 : Papa Was a Rolling Stone

Saturday, September 22, 2012

  1. What's the best memory that you have of your dad, while growing up?  As a kid growing up, I saw my Papa as a hard-working and responsible provider to his five (5) children. But, nevertheless, this is not an excuse for him not to take the weekends as a special time for his family. He makes sure that we are all togther doing things worthwhile every Sunday. He works from Monday to Saturday. But every Saturday night he brought us goodies that we can all share the whole night. My favorite is a gallon of ice cream. Then the following day we attend church. After that it's either a stroll at the park or a fun day at the movie house. Followed by an enjoyable bite time at the restaurant of our choice
  2. How boring do you think your life is?  I don't have a boring life, just a simple one. Being a mother to a fabulous daughter takes away all the dull moments. And also as a sales person, my hours are always full. Plus i have loads of friends who love to go out.
  3. Can you do any accents? If not, do you know someone who is good at it?  I don't, but my daughter is very fluent in English and she can do british and American accents. She is currently practicing Australian accent too.
  4. What technology did you at first fear that you now could not live without?  Cellphone, nothing else.
  5. Do you, or have you ever, thought you have a book in you?  I tried, during my college days, to write a book. I never finish anything I started. I guess writing is not my calling. But I am a bookish though. I never went anywhere without a book. I will read anything.
  6. How does the weather affect where you live?  Very much!!! Being in a tropical country, where we have half a year of rainy season, and floods are a common sight in the Philippines. But recently, everything become worse. Putting not just our properties in danger, but our lives as  well.
  7. Are you more interested in your favorite artist's next work, or the TMZ side of it all?  I hate 'tsismis'. That is the term we use when you criticize or make a negative publicity about a certain artist. I judge an artist based on his work, and nothing else.
  8. Have you ever felt "battle-scarred" by a relationship or relationships in general? If yes, do tell.  As of this writing I am still in a relationship that is killing me softly. I am more than hurt, I am dying. I am married and we don't have divorce here in the Philippines. That is why, eventhough, my husband is the most stubborn, egocentric and the most irritable person I know, I have to endure everything. I thought I met a frog that will turn into a prince when I kiss him. Instead, I kissed a frog that turns into a monster.
  9. Do you tend to root for the bad guy?  Never. I opt for a Tom Hansen (500 days of Summer) type of guy.   

If you want to join this weekend here is the link. Have fun


  1. I'm so sorry about your #8. :( I hope things improve for you.

  2. On three things-

    First, let me thank you for joining Saturday 9. I write the meme under the name Sam Winters.

    Second. Your dad sounds terrific.

    Third: Get yourself to a place you can get a divorce...

    Thanks for playing...


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