Hope For The Flowers

Thursday, October 03, 2013

I love reading. My daughter as well. And for the past couple of months she keeps on telling me (pester, more likely) that I have to read this certain book. She told me it has a very wonderful lesson that I ca relate to. It's short and with illustrations so I'll be entertain without taking too much of my time. She even copied the file from her cellphone to mine. But I never get the chance to read it. Until yesterday. I was browsing on my cellphone for a new e-book to read when I came across that book. And I read it for five minutes.

'Hope For The Flowers' is an allegorical novel written by Trina Paulus and was published in 1972. It was classified as a children literature but was intended for adults and others, including caterpillars who can read as the author indicates. It tells the story of Stripe and Yellow and their journey as they climb to the top only to understand that they are meant to fly. It's a story of hope and finding your true purpose in life. 

Now, I don't get why my daughter insists that THIS is a lesson for me to learn. But I really do find the book very interesting, touching and inspirational. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

Here's a link for the book.

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