Blame It On the Rain

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I never been fond of rains. I grew up believing (my mother) that raindrops are dirty and dangerous. In my younger years, my siblings and I watched our cousins bathe in the rain from our windows since we are not allowed  to do what their parents allowed them to do. My mother perpetually told us that we will get sick if we go out in the rain. And I believe her. Growing up I never like the rain. I hate it when my feet or my shoes got wet from rainfalls, bringing an umbrella was also a big (and difficult) task for me, the road becomes muddy, the long traffic and it's hard to commute when it rain. To put it simply, RAIN GETS IN THE WAY OF MY LIFESTYLE! Rain dampens my mood. I don't go out when it rain to the point that I miss (deliberately) attending appointments and even school or work.  Just this year three of my most anticipated event was cancelled because of the rain. 

We are scheduled to hike at Mt. Pico de Loro last April but a thunderstorm happen. It was supposed to be our last hurrah for the summer. But mountains and lightnings are not a good combination. I guess the mountains will have to wait for us next year. 

And eversince I fell in love with zumba last year, I am looking forward to an event where I can dance and enjoy the company of friends and strangers apart from the usual gym where I frequent. And last May 26, Brainbox and Zumba Philippines organized a Zumba Party @ The Park to be held at Bonifacio Global City. My superfriends and I were so excited and arrived early at the event place. Alas! The rain pours forcing the organizers to cancel the party. Good thing, and I just learned this week, the event was rescheduled on August 3 at a different venue. It will be held at The Circuit, Makati. 

Finally, the third event is the Robinson Fit & Fun Buddy Run supposed to be held last June 30 at Bonifacio Global City. Me and my running buddy Tinay registered at the 5K category. Of course we are both excited for this event since it's our first buddy run and we heard that the organizer give away lots of grocery items as a treat. And, as you may have guess, it rains. Not just a trickle of rain but the whole Metro Manila and most part of Luzon is under Storm Signal No. 2. To ensure our safety, according to the organizer, they have to postpone the run. My friend Tinay traveled from Batangas, her hometown, only to find out, when she got to Manila, that the event was cancelled. What a bummer, right? Nevertheless, the run was rescheduled this August 10. 

I know that it seems everything goes well in the end. That is if the rain won't dampen the occasion...again. I'm sorry if I am being peevish here. Don't blame me...blame it on the rain.

I will have my first Milo Marathon this weekend (July 28). I hope the weather will be kind and let me earn my first Milo certificate. I pray and hope that the rain won't come and let me run and enjoy the moment. 

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