i am afraid

Friday, July 20, 2012

who wouldn't be?

at the start of this school week my daughter showed me this....

and this brought on the fondest of memories when she was just starting to go to school. she is in her senior year now. and it's quite rare for a 'star' stamped by the teacher on a student's hand in high school. regardless, this made me smile. for me, my baby is still a baby, even though she's taller than me.

however, before the week ends, she showed me another thing. these are artworks done by a schoolmate/classmate. i have no idea of the person since she doesn't wanna talk about him. she just told me not to bother knowing the guy because it's a nobody. but i can't help not to be afraid. here they are...

quite scary right? but i didn't show my emotions to my daughter. i had to keep smiling so i can encourage her to make kwento. i ask her how she reacted. if she felt 'kilig'. if she answered 'yes'. she responded with a shrug, then a very loud and resounding "no!". he is not her type daw. weh? just a day before that she receive a flower from the same guy. why bother bringing the gifts home if it doesn't matter, right? time flies. i can't barely catch up with my daughter nowadays, now this? well, all i can be is a very loving and supporting mom to her. and she also adheres to her promise to be a good daughter and finish her studies before anything else. i can only hope so much.

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