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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Being a single mom gives me the freedom (and sometimes the burden) of choosing and designing the appropriate furniture for our humble abode. Thanks to Mandaue Foam Furniture Store, I  now have some wonderful ideas for our next furniture shopping. Here are my top finds:

  • This is MF20021 Gemma Workcentere and this is perfect for a working mom like me. I can put it in a corner of my room and have my personal office right at home. I have this habit of bringing my unfinished work home so that I can start the next day to another set of works. And this is very affordable at P2,000.00 only.

  • I love books. And my only bookshelf at home is overflowing already. So, this  VS9108 3-Door Bookshelf with Glass is perfect for that extra storage I needed for my books. And it only cost P 3,200.00.

  • I am a foodie. And I don't just eat. I consider dining with my family as a bonding time for us. This is the moment when we can tell how we did that day and discuss anything under the sun. So a round and spacious dining table is what I prefer. The 777-T20+777-C21-2 Twisted Slats Dining Base with Knockled Back Dining Chair Set is perfect for us. Priced at P 32,500.00, it is an elegance and convenient dining combined.


So remember, every visit to Mandaue Foam Furniture Store gives you the freedom to choose and be creative. 'Your home, your imagination'

If you would like see how these furnitures would fit perfectly at your home watch this.

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