Friday, September 26, 2014

I am planning to write a blog post regarding my Christmas wish list just like what I did 2 years ago. I believe that my wishes will have better results when I share it with the world. And I guess I am so blessed. One thing on my 'future' list is the Samsung Tab 3 Lite which I plan to purchase upon receipt of my Christmas bonus. Last night, after my scheduled facial, me and my husband meet up at SM San Lazaro. He told me that he plans to buy a new cellphone for himself since the one he is using is almost 4 years old already. When he found his cellphone ( O+ 8.92 Android) he then ask me if I want a new phone too. Tempting isn't it? But I love my current phone. I've been using it for 3 years and still in good condition. My phone and I been through a lot together so I feel very sentimental to let go. (Drama queen!) So then I told my husband that I prefer the Samsung Tablet instead. I meant it as a joke. But lo! He bought me one. Yey! I am so happy. One item crossed out of my list even before I made the list. Happiness! And by the way I am blogging using my new Samsung Tab 3.

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  1. Nice! Bakit ako kahit sabihin ko di naman ako binibilhan? Hahahah!


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