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Friday, February 14, 2014

Dear Husband, Happy Heart's Day! Thank you for the chocolates and the flowers (even though I specifically told you I don't want to accept any flowers from you anymore, roses in particular). But I would be jealous of other people receiving their flowers, so I guess I'm glad that I have my own bouquet. Thank you for taking care of me and Leslie. Thank you for being the sweetest. For sticking around especially when I'm in my lowest. For being the most understanding when I'm crazy. Thank you for being a friend that I can never get rid of. It's our 16th Wedding Anniversary on the 25th and I know that what we have is not perfect. But I'm pretty sure that we are perfect for each other. I love you.  

Dear Cambodia and Vietnam, See you soon. This vacation would be my most unforgettable. It's my first time traveling outside of the Philippines and this will be our Valentine's and Wedding Anniversary date. Plus we will be with the Superfriends. How perfect! I'm so excited and I can't hide it anymore. Dear Daughter, Your daddy and I will be missing you this coming week. Dami na naming utang sa'yo. Don't worry we'll bring you pasalubong. I love you. Dear Exes, Happy Valentine's to you all. Hoping you are happy as I am now. Dear Money, I don't want to worry myself about you at this moment. I will make do with however little you provide. I can do this!

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