Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

I am happy to announce that I am moving my 'Wednesday Happy Thoughts' posts on my new blog. And I am reintroducing all of my 4 blog sites. Here goes;

  1. Ehmscapades - This is for my travel blogs, adventurous escapades, my road to fitness (kuno!) and other out of my world experiences.
  2. Matters of Consequence - A personal blog about what is of value in my world. 
  3. Sweetest Downfall - Releasing my inner drama queen (hehehe)
  4. 1..2..Ready. Say...'Walis'!!! - This remain as my photo blog. 

Hope you will visit and support my blogs. I am not very good at this but I am hoping that inch by inch I'll get better and share more entertaining and read-worthy posts for all of you.

All credits for this meme goes to the owner.


  1. Hi there, I'm Lindsey! I have a question and would love to speak with you. Could you please email me at your convenience? Thanks so much, looking forward to hearing from you :) lindseyDOTcaldwellATrecallcenterDOTcom

  2. Kumusta naman? Hiatus ulit? hehehe

  3. Madalang lang akong mag magbasa ng mga tagalog na post pero dito sa page mo sobrang nag eenjoy ako. keep it up.


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